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  • contact me trhu EMAIL or ASK/FANMAIL
  • payment:thru PAYPAL
  • the prices are in USD and meant for single characters.additional characters are + 5$ + 10$ depending on complexity,style
  • i wont draw until getting paid
  • the pictures are just examples.check my blog for further pictures

i WILL draw:

  • gore,blood
  • nudity
  • ocs,fanarts,your best friend,your mom almost anything which looks mostly human (i wont draw furry but a character cat tails/ears is okay)
  • crossdressing,pin up stuff

i WONT draw:

  • animals,anthro furry etc.
  • complicated armor
  • porn
  • complicated backgrounds

please spread my commission info!

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some small pictures for the palette challenge, which I’m trying to do traditional

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I hate it when I get inspired to art

and then I art

and the art says no

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